building inspiring spaces

We Build Inspiring Residential & Commercial Spaces

specialists in modern construction

We have a variety of solutions and capabilities to meet client property investment and management needs.


Architecture pushing the bounds, our innovative design solutions creating beautiful and functional spaces. specializes in innovative and sustainable designs for residential and commercial buildings, prioritizing functionality, aesthetics, and client satisfaction.

Artfully Crafted

We create our properties with great skill and attention to detail, we build for those who appreciate and admire fine craftsmanship.


We offer comprehensive services, including design, planning, and construction management, delivering exceptional quality and exceeding your expectations.

Freshly New

We bring properties up to a state of excellence, free from wear and tear or damage, creating a space indistinguishable from the ‘Freshly new’


Turnkey solutions for residential and commercial projects. With a skilled team and state-of-the-art technology, we ensure timely completion, cost-effective solutions, and unmatched quality.

Perfect Lines

Specialized tools and techniques are used to deliver amazing constructions, and crisp and clean accommodations realized.


Afro Properti management can provide professional peace of mind, whether you are a landlord letting a single property or a large property portfolio, commercial or residential we can service your needs.


Structured and disciplined in overseeing the day-to-day operations of a property, from maintenance to tenanting, to financial management.


Discover our exceptional property sourcing service, tailored to your needs. Save time with transparent, responsive, and resourceful support. Benefit from our professional expertise and competitive pricing to secure your dream property. Experience unparalleled customer satisfaction.


Our strategic property sourcing approach combines market analysis, targeted searches, and expert negotiations. By understanding your unique criteria, we maximize opportunities, ensure value, and minimize risks, delivering outstanding results in your property investment journey.


Experience a seamless property investing process with our personalized guidance, thorough due diligence, and efficient execution. We empower investors with insightful analytics, strategic planning, and diligent management, ensuring long-term success and financial growth.

You First

Our impeccable investment fiduciary duty prioritizes your interests and financial goals. We maintain transparency, uphold ethical standards, and conduct diligent research to optimize your portfolio, ensuring long-lasting trust and maximized returns.

Current Developments

View some of the exciting projects that you can get involved with.

Our Core Values

Our core values underlie all Africa Properti’s activities, this includes the strategies used to fulfil positive client outcomes, and how the members of our organisation interact with one another. They are the core elements of how our people approach their work.

Trusted Partners

To help deliver our incredible projects we work with some of the finest practitioners in the field.

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building inspiring spaces

Afro Properti is a company you can work with and depend on. We have the skill set to consistently deliver.

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