Diaspora Direct Investment

Our Money To Build Our Nation

From the ‘Year Of Return’ to the ‘Generation Of Return’

For those with ancestors that hail from Africa, let us help you claim your ancestorial birthright

Africa has a special place in our hearts, as the management team of Afro Properti.

First and foremost we don’t discriminate against any investor whatever their background. We appreciate all investors that commit to developing the property market on the content.

Our diaspora direct investment programme is a special outreach programme that we run.

We encourage migrants and their descendants to invest with us in their country of origin and broadly continent of origin.

Many people in the diaspora want to invest back home. We are the company that can help you on this journey.

In addition to property management and investment services. We provide support in acclimatization in potential relocation to the continent and can serve as a trusted advisor on ‘how to live and succeed’ in the motherland to potential investors.

Supported Investment Services

Our services aim to help clients achieve their financial goals through a variety of  property investment opportunities

Investment Management Services

Allowing you to take a hands-off approach with your property investments.

Everything Else

We can also provide advice and support ranging from relocating to Africa to seeking alternative investments.